Hyaluronic Acid is being thrown around a lot in the media lately, but what actually is it?

HA (Hyaluronic Acid) is a powerful ingredient that is found in a lot of skincare products. It’s main purpose is to hydrate the skin. It is naturally found within the connective tissue of the body. This makes it a lot easier for the body to absorb and respond to.

As we age, we lose a lot of moisture from our skin. This makes our skin appear dull, with poorer elasticity, showing fines lines and wrinkles more. HA binds to one thousand times its own weight inwater, making it an amazing water bidning molecule. It has a greater capactity to hold water than any other polymer naturally found within the skin or synthetically made.

Not only does HA hydrate the skin, it also strengthens the skins barrier. Having a strong barrier, or outer layers of skin, means that all of the functions that the skin performs underneath are able to do so more effectively. It also protects the skin from free radical damage, making it another antioxidant and multi-tasking power ingredient!

Have you also seen the term ‘Sodium Hyaluronate‘ floating around on the ingredients list of your skincare products? Sodium Hyaluronate is also a fantastic ingredient that is related to HA. This is the salt derived from HA. During the process of turning from a larger complex molecule into a more concentrated salt, the molecular size decreases, making it able to penetrate deeper into the skin. This is often why you will see both products listed in ingredients, as they work extremely well together being able to target different layers of the skin giving the most hydration possible.

Because of it’s small molecular weight and the fact that it is a natural skin ingredient, means that it is able to be used on ALL skin types, even the most sensitive! It can be found in a wide range of Pelactiv and bt-ceutical products.

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