Mineral Makeups have become one of the largest sought after cosmetic products to date! And there’s no wonder they are so popular, they can be really fantastic products for your skin! No longer are we limited to Mineral Powder Foundations ‘ Mineral Makeup can include eye shadows, liquid foundations, blush, eye liners…. the list is endless!

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics were one of the first Mineral Makeup ranges ever created. Pauline Youngblood, the creator and president of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetic created this range of products to empower women while also caring for their skin and the environment. Her aim was to assist women in being able to conceal and correct imperfections within the skin.

Pauline’s 3 main priorities when it comes to her Makeup range are as follows:

  1. HIGHTEST QUALITY – highest quality grade of raw materials, meaning better performance, heaps more pigments and greater coverage.
  2. MILLING PROCESS – its top secret! Natural minerals are taken and ground down into a formula that is weightless and smooth, but with the ability to be built up for fantastic coverage.
  3. HIGHLY PIGMENTED – always concealing imperfections and giving a super broad range of colours and tones that look beautifully natural!

Youngblood contains ABSOLUTELY NO Talc, Parabens, harsh oils, artificial fragrances or artificial dyes or Zinc Oxide. They are gluten free, cruelty free, vegan friendly and environmentally responsible. Available for all skin types, colours and ages, this really is a fantastically diverse and luxurious range of products.

MANY other products that are sold as ‘Mineral Foundations’ with have the most minute amount of actual mineral in their ingredients list, but are still able to market as a Mineral Cosmetic. Many popular brands, such as Nude by Nature, Inika, Jane Iredale, bareMinerals etc, contain Zinc Oxide which acts as an SPF. Youngblood DOES NOT contain Zinc Oxide, as they believe that Zinc Oxide can be very drying on the skin with its astringent qualities.

Youngblood’s hero product would definitely have to be their original and best selling Natural Loose Mineral Foundations. They each contain 3 hero ingredients; Bismuth Oxychloride (provides luminosity and enhances performance), Mica (gives a soft glow and assist in glide) and Iron Oxides (give different pigment variations). There are SOOOO many different ways in which this products can be used!

  1. light dusting over a naked face for a slight glow and coverage
  2. built up over the entire face for a fuller coverage
  3. using a damp flock sponge, it can be applied as a concealer to certain areas of the face
  4. over the top of a liquid foundation for a fuller but soft coverage
  5. mixed with body lotion for an all over body glow
  6. mixed with loose rice powder for an oily skin type
  7. mixed with Hi-Def Powder for a dry skin type

This foundation comes in 16 different shades, with a mixture of cool, neutral and warm tones to match ALL skin types and colours.

For a complimentary 4-minute makeover and colour match service, contact our Balwyn Beauty Salon. I guarantee once you try Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics you will fall in love with them!