This week I am up at Mr Buller making the most of the recent snow. One thing that I have really noticed is the change in my skin. Luckily I came prepared!

When the weather is really cold and windy outside, the amount of moisture in the air decreases. This means that the level of moisture within our skin is greater than that in the outside air, causing diffusion to occur. This means that the higher level of moisture within the skin is transferred into the outside air, or higher concentration moving to a lower concentration. Because of this process, we can lose a LOT of moisture from our skin resulting in dry, flaky and even cracked skin.

People who already suffer with eczema need to be even more careful during the winter months as their skin barriers are already impaired resulting in immediate loss of moisture. It is SO SO important to keep your skin moisturised during the cooler months, especially when out in the extremes like when at the snow.

A good quality moisturiser should have 2 main functions:

  1. Humectant – Humectants draw water from the lower levels of the skin and tissue into the top levels of the skin, keeping the skin hydrated and more plump. This deep moisture is created through bodily functions as well as drinking plenty of water. One of the major humectants found in moisturisers and serums is Hyaluronic Acid.
  2. Occlusive – Occlusives are often and oily or fatty substance that creates a barrier on the surface of the skin, locking the moisture below in.

Often in winter you may need to opt for a thicker or richer moisturising cream, with plenty of humectants and occlusives. If you use a gel or foaming cleanser during the warmer months, sometimes you may just need to switch to an oil cleanser or cream cleanser to combat that dry feeling. Adding a rich hydrating mask once a week will also assist in keeping your skin smooth and soft.

Going from hot to cold environments can also exacerbate dry skin conditions, so try to avoid having the heating up too high during the day. Very hot showers should also be avoided, even thought they feel so wonderful when you’re freezing cold! Try to stick to warm to hot, rather than very hot water, and be sure to apply moisturisers IMMEDIATELY after showering or washing your hands.

Last, but not least, do NOT forget to apply your daily SPF! Protecting your skin from UVA and UVB rays will assist in keeping away the dry, sore, red and flaky skin that can so often be experienced in the cooler months.

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