LED Light Therapy is becoming increasingly popular among clients. LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diode, is a non-invasive and non-thermal technology using different coloured lights and wave lengths to target different problems and skin functions. There is no pain or downtime, in fact, most clients fall asleep during the treatment!

At Balwyn’s Luminescence Beauty Therapies, we use one of the industry leading machines, the Bio-Synthesis LED Machine. This light-activated skin rejuvenation machine uses 4 different colour LED’s at high intensities (470 – 640nm) in the colours red, blue, green and yellow. The large panel has over 4,000 different lights and an adjustable panel system, which enables us to cover any areas of the body that need to be targeted as well as the entire face and neck.

LED Therapy was originally developed and used in hospitals to assist with wound healing. Studies have shown that skin that is exposed to LED regenerates 200% faster than skin that has not been exposed to LED. That is some amazing healing power! As each person’s skin is different, we are able to customise an LED facial specifically for each client. We can adjust the nanometre, hertz, treatment time and intensity of light delivered to specifically target your skin concerns.

So what does each colour light do?

Blue Light
Blue LED is fantastic in the elimination of acne bacteria. It works to deeply cleanse the skin and pores and gives an ‘anti-bacterial’ effect. When undergoing a course of Blue light Session, it has been proven to reduce acne by 100%!

Yellow Light
Yellow LED promotes the production of collagen and elastin within the skin, assisting in firming the skin and reducing fine lines. It is also great at stimulating the lymphatic system and eliminating toxins within the skin.

Red Light
Red LED is probably the most popular form of Light Therapy. It is great for ALL skin types and conditions as it works to energise every skin cell, enhancing the cells activity, ATP production and promoting circulation. This is the ultimate rejuvenation light.

Green Light
Green LED works to reduce skin inflammation and redness as well as calm the skin. It’s great for eczema, psoriasis and rosacea clients.

Most LED Facials will contain at least 2 different light colours, which will be determined by your Therapist. LED Facials usually work best when performed as a course of treatments over a short period of time. They are also a great “pick-me-up” or Maintenance Facial to give the skin a bit of a boost. Fabulous before a wedding or big event, as there is NO risk of the skin breaking out or reacting badly to the lights.

For more information on LED Light Therapy or any other skin treatments, contact Claire at Luminescence Beauty Therapies in Balwyn.