Confused about what product to use when? Not sure where the product is actually meant to go? Unsure of how much to use? In this blog post we cover WHEN to put on each product and HOW.

Basic Skin Care Order

A lot of people put on their products in the wrong order, which can inhibit the results of your skin care and actually do more damage than good in some cases! So then what is the correct order in which to use your products?

  1. Eye-Makeup Remover – If you have a spate product to remove makeup from your eyes, you will use this first. Most are applied to a cotton pad and gentle wiped over the eye area.
  2. Cleanse – This should always be your first step! Cleanse twice at night in order to make sure all products are removed from your skin. Some people may only like to cleanse once in the morning. Usually for a Cream or Milk Based Cleanser you will need to apply about a 20 cent piece to the face and neck area and emulsify in before washing off. A Foaming Cleanser you will need to use less, most like a 5 or 10 cent piece size. Add some water to the cleanser and foam up in your hands before applying to the face and emulsifying, and then washing off.
  3. Exfoliate – If you have a granular exfoliant, apply a 10 cent sized piece to the hands and work in over the entire face and neck. Make sure that you move the product around evenly and don’t ‘over scrub’ one particular area as this can cause damage to the skin. Be sure to also avoid the eye area.
  4. Tone – Toners are used to balance the PH of the skin, so that all the products that are applied afterwards have a greater rate of absorption. Apply to a cotton pad and wipe over the entire face and neck area and allow to dry before applying your other products.
  5. Eye Cream – The skin under and around the eye area is a lot more delicate than that of the rest of the face. This is why we need different products for this area. By applying an eye product prior to a face product, we create a barrier around the eye so that all other products don’t touch it. Apply a rice grain size of product to your ring finger and gentle dab underneath the eye area. Using gentle sweeping movements outwards, make sure the product is applied evenly under the eye. Any excess product can be applied to the corners and the brow bone, but not the mobile lid.
  6. Face Serums – These are your hero products that will affect your skin the most, so it is important that they are applied correctly! Be sure to read the products instructions, and listen to the advice of your skin therapist. Each product and brand will have a slightly different application procedure, but most will only need a small amount applied to the entire face and neck area in an upwards motion.
  7. Moisturiser – This is the protectant and ‘sealant’ product, if you like. Moisturiser helps to lock in moisture as well as protect all the products underneath it from evaporating, locking them in to take full advantage of their effects.
  8. Sunscreen – The Final step in any skin care routine should be SPF. It has been proven that with the application of an SPF daily, premature ageing virtually stops! Wait until your moisturiser and other products have settled a little on the skin before applying the SPF to the entire face and neck – and don’t forget the ears!

Skin Care at Luminescence Beauty Therapies Salon in Balwyn

Skin Care at Luminescence Beauty Therapies Salon in Balwyn

When should I be applying these products?

Not all of the above products need to be applied morning and night. Your Therapist will let you know when to use your products, but as a rough guise I have written down a Morning and Night Routine:


  1. Cleanser
  2. Scrub (up to 2x per week)
  3. Tone
  4. Eye cream
  5. Serum (depending on how many you have, you may alternate some between morning and night routines or use every second day)
  6. Light Day Moisturiser
  7. SPF


  1. Cleanse x2
  2. Tone
  3. Eye Cream
  4. Serum (once again depending on what you have and what is recommended by your Therapist)
  5. Thicker Night Cream

Pelactiv skin care products

Pelactiv skin care products

Still have questions?

To find out exactly what products you should be using for your skin, and when, contact Claire at Luminescence Beauty Therapies in Balwyn for a Complimentary Skin Consultation.