I hear this ALL the time from clients who are concerned with the frequency of their waxing visits, or the fact that they seem to be sprouting more hair in new places!  So then, does shaving or waxing make your hair grow back quicker?

Removing Hair by Tweezing or Waxing

Firstly, let’s talk about the removal of hair by tweezing or waxing.  When we tweeze or wax we remove the hair follicle from the root.  This means that an entirely new hair must grow back in its place and so this will take longer.  New hairs start off with a fine tip and grow slightly thicker at the bottom.  When these hairs grow back above the skins surface they often feel softer or thinner.  In some cases, the hairs matrix is damaged enough to basically cause the hairs to give up growing all together!  This is often the case on clients who have been waxing for years and years.

Removing Hair by Shaving or Deplitatory Cream

When we shave or use a hair removal cream, we are only removing the part of the hair that sticks out above the surface of the skin.  This means we basically leave half the hair behind, which is rooted into the skin and the hairs appear to grow back quicker and will often look slightly thicker, or feel more like stubble, as we have sliced off or removed the top finer part of the hair.

So does shaving or waxing make your hair grow back quicker?  Waxing, shaving, tweezing or any form of hair depilation does NOT make the hairs grow back quicker or thicker.  In all of the hair removal methods discussed above, we are dealing with the SAME HAIR follicle.  Therefore, if you want a longer lasting result, opt for waxing.

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