As a Beauty Therapist, I hear the same questions and concerns from clients at the Balwyn salon on a regular basis. So muh so that I decided to write a post about some of these client questions and concerns… with a little humour of course! Have a read through below and see how many you can identify with.

“I’m so hairy! I’m so sorry!”

Well you wouldn’t be here for a wax if you weren’t hairy, would you? You are booked in for a session to remove your hair, don’t worry, we WANT you to be hairy! It’s much easier to wax someone who has let their hair grow for a few more weeks, rather than someone who shaved 3 days ago.

“Look I feel a bit awkward and shy about showing you my ‘bits'”

We have literally seen thousands of pairs of boobs and vaginas. Believe it or not, we’re not actually looking at them! If we are doing a spray tan, we are looking where the bronzer is going on the skin. If we are doing a Brazilian, we are looking at which way the hairs are growing and where to put the next bit of wax. We are not comparing your bits to our own, or anyone else’s, they’re all just another part of the body to us.

“My feet are so disgusting, sorry!”

We wear gloves during a pedicure for a reason…. JOKING! Everyone seems to have an issue with feet! Weather they’re stinky, dirty or your nails are too long. Feet are feet. We will leave you with the prettiest, smoothest and best smelling feet you’ll ever have!

“Oh I already have products at home. I use (insert chemist brand here)”

We stock our skincare ranges for a reason, because we truly believe in the products that we carry. It is part of our job, and really our duty of care to recommend what we believe to be the best products for your skin. Please don’t shut us off. We genuinely want to help you! If you come in for a facial, there must be SOMETHING that your skincare routine isn’t addressing – maybe we can help fill the gaps.

“I’m allergic to most facials. They give me breakouts.”

A lot of clients seem to be scared of having facials due to getting breakouts. If you have had a facial previously and your skin has produced pimples or comedones afterwards, there will usually be an underlying reason for this. Unfortunately sometimes your skin needs to appear to get worse before it can get better. In some cases, we need to bring out the congestion in the skin in order to get rid of it. Of course we try and avoid this as much as we can, and try to fix these issues internally as well as topically, but sometimes it will happen. We will give you recommendations and the best aftercare advise to control any breakouts or other side effects that can come with having a facial, especially one with potent cosmeceutical ingredients.

An allergic reaction is totally different to standard facial side effects. An allergic reaction will happen almost instantly and will usually result in red, itchy, inflamed and swollen areas of the face and neck. If you are using a product that is too strong for your skin you can sometimes also have a reaction which can appear like small red bumps on the skin – this just means that you need to reduce the frequency in which you are using it, or go down to a lower strength product.


“I have very sensitive skin!!!”

Every second person who comes in for a client tells me they have sensitive skin. You probably don’t, you’re just not using your skincare properly, or not using the correct skincare product(s). During our skin analysis we will be able to determine your skins sensitivity levels and work around them. Most often people cause sensitivity to the skin by using harsh scrubs or products that strip the skin of its natural protective barrier. We do however have products and treatments suited to all skin types and sensitivity levels.

“Can you please cut my cuticles a bit more?”

A nail technician or beauty therapist should NEVER EVER EVER!!! Cut your true cuticle. This cuticle creates a barrier between the outside and inside of your nail bed. It prevents bad things from getting in, and once damaged, can easily cause an infection. The dead part of the cuticle that often appears as a thinner nail that can sometimes appear to grow up your nail CAN be removed carefully by your beauty therapist. So if you have thick cuticles, you’re stuckwith them! Try using a cuticle oil and hand cream to keep them hydrated and looking smooth and beautiful instead.

“Can you just tweeze the hairs? I don’t like waxing”

There is a reason we wax and don’t tweeze all your hairs out. Mainly, it takes a million times longer to tweeze than it does to wax. We use the softest and most gentle wax on the face to avoid too much redness or irritation, and it actually hurts LESS than individual tweezing. This way, we also make sure we remove all of the hairs, even those pesky fine ones you may not be able to see.

“I want eyebrows like yours”

Unfortunately, you do not have my face, so you cannot have my eyebrows. I can however shape yours to enhance your face shape and open up your eyes. And brow products such as pencils, gels and powders can do wonders!


I hope that this post has cleared up any worries or concerns that you may have had, and answered some of your questions regarding different aspect of treatments and services provided by your Beauty Therapist. No question is ever too silly, and no comment ever too embarrassing, so please don’t hesitate talk to us about any concerns you may have during your next treatment at Luminescence Beauty Therapies.

For more information or to book an appointment, contact Claire at Luminescence Beauty Therapies in Balwyn.