In my last post I gave a run-down on my morning makeup routine. Additional to makeup, I constantly get asked what skincare products I use to achieve such a healthy glow! I do tend to mix up my skincare routine with the change of season, or if I’m doing a course of in-salon treatments, however, this is my current morning and evening skincare routine.

Morning Skincare Routine

CleansePelactiv’s Gentle Foaming Cleanser is my go-to in the warmer months. Without stripping the skin, it helps to get rid of any excess oils, makeup, dirt, sweat and pollutants, making my face feel fresh and clean. I also love it as a little goes such a long way! All you need is a pea size amount emulsified with water and you’re good to go!

Exfoliate – During summer I tend to exfoliate once to twice per week. I like to use the bt-ceuticals EXFOLIATE, as it contains less beads than Pelactiv’s Scrub, making it a lot more gentle on the skin. It also contains natural Papaya as well as AHA’s and BHA’s to gently chemically exfoliate the skin as well.

TonePelactiv’s Essential Clarifying Toner is such a great option for summer! It is super gentle (no alcohol here!) and allows for my serums to fully absorb into my skin. It’s also great to spritz over the face during the day (especially refreshing when it’s super hot outside!)

Serums – Depending on how my skin is feeling, and if I have had any eczema flare ups, sometimes I like to pop a little precious oils onto the areas of my face that are feeling a little dry, damaged or sensitised. I usually follow up with the Pelactiv Cell renewal Serum.

Moisturiser – At the moment I’m using bt-ceuticals ‘Cream’, which has a light gel-like consistency and absorbs fairly quickly into the skin leaving a very subtle sheen. It contains vitamin E (as an antioxidant) and gamma linoleic acid which works as a gentle lipid replacement.

SPFPelactiv’s SPF 50+ Spray. Spritz a few pumps into your hands and work over the whole face. This SPF is great as it isn’t messy being in a spray bottle, and is a very thin consistency so you don’t feel like you’ve caked on the cream! It can be used on the whole body.

Evening Skincare Routine

My evening skincare routine is fairly similar to my morning routine. I use the same cleanser, toner and serums. I do however change my eye cream and moisturiser to something a little heavier and more active.

Eye CreamVita C eye complex is my saviour! I am prone to pigmentation under the eye area, and this serum keeps it at bay. It is important to make sure that this is mainly used during your evening routine, or if you are using it in the mornings to make sure that you put a good SPF over the top.

Night Cream – At the moment I’m using the Vita C Dream Cream to compliment my eye cream with assisting in preventing pigmentation, as well as improving the appearance of fine lines and strengthening capillary walls.

Pelactiv Vita-C Dream Cream as part of daily skincare routine

Pelactiv Vita-C Dream Cream as part of daily     skincare routine at Balwyn Beauty Salon

It is important to keep in mind that everyone’s skin, and therefore skincare routine requirements, are different.

To find out what products you should be incorporating into your own skincare routine, or to book an appointment for a complimentary skin consultation, contact Claire at Luminescence Beauty Therapies in Balwyn.