At the Balwyn Luminescence Beauty Therapies salon, we pride ourselves on only using the best, high quality products, one of them being our VINYLUX Range of polishes. So what exactly is VINYLUX and what’s the difference between VINYLUX and any other polish range? In this blog post we discover what makes VINYLUX such a great product.

VINYLUX was created by CND, who are also the makers of Shellac. Most of their colours are also available in the Shellac range, making it easy and convenient for clients to have Shellac on the hands and VINYLUX on the feet and still match!

VINYLUX is a 2 step polish system, which is chip resistant for up to 7 days! There is no base coat (saving time during the application process), just 2 coats of colour and 1 top coat. Some people ask why there is no base coat and if it will then stain the nails because of this. Well the answer is no. The colour coats have adhesion promoters meaning there is no need for a base coat. This technology also eliminates the staining of healthy natural nails. Dry and damaged nails may however need to be sealed prior to the colour coat application to prevent staining.

VINYLUX have recently changed their formulation to include Keratin, Jojoba and Vitamin E to nourish and care for the nails while the polish is on, but still allowing the natural nail to breathe.

CND Vinylux weekly polish and top oat

CND Vinylux weekly polish and top coat

ProLight Technology

The Top coat in the VINYLUX Range contains ProLight Technology, meaning that it is completely dry within 8 ½ minutes (I know, amazing!) so there is no risk of smudging or damaging the nails on your way home from your nail service. It creates a super high shine gloss coating on the nails, protecting the colour coat underneath it. The ProLight Technology also means that the more the polish is exposed to natural light, the stronger it bonds to the nail.

VINYLUX can be removed like any other normal polish, just by using a polish remover and cotton pad. If the polish has been left on for a significant amount of time (people often leave polish on their toes a lot longer) you may find it difficult to remove, due to the ProLight Technology adhering it to the natural nail. In some cases a polish remover containing Acetone may need to be used, however it will never need to be filed or buffed off, meaning a healthier natural nail remains!

So in summary, VINYLUX is an amazing product for many reasons, some being:

  • Completely dry in 8 ½ minutes
  • High shine and chip resistant for 7 days
  • Strengthened by natural light
  • No base coat resulting in fast application
  • An amazing range of colours
  • Matching colours to Shellac

VINYLUX can also be purchased in our Balwyn Salon for you to use at home. To find out more information about VINYLUX or to book an appointment, contact Claire at Luminescence Beauty Therapies in Balwyn.