I often get asked where the name ‘Luminescence’ came from, and who is the face behind Luminescence Beauty Therapies?  Well, my name is Claire, I’m 26 years old and a Beauty Therapies and Salon Owner!

I began my career in the Hair and Beauty Industry while still at school.  I worked as a hairdressing assistant on Saturdays in one of my friends Mum’s Salons in Camberwell and absolutely loved it.  Once I finished year 12, I went on to complete my Certificate 3 in Hairdressing at Box Hill TAFE.  I then worked full time in Camberwell as a fully qualified Hairdresser.  The salon that I worked in also offered a small range of beauty services, so in order to widen my capabilities, I decided to enrol in a Diploma of Beauty Therapies.  At the time, I had no intention of ever leaving Hairdressing, and figured I could just use these added skills alongside my Hairdressing, however, I loved Beauty so much that I decided to pursue a career as a Beauty/Spa Therapist instead!

I got my first full-time beauty job in an Urban Spa in Melbourne’s CBD.  I worked here for a number of months, before being promoted to 2IC, and then later Manager.  During this time I learnt the ins and outs of how to run a business, manage staff, run the front desk, organise the wages and so much more.  I left this position a year or so later and began working at another CBD Salon.  This city salon was much more up-market as I wanted to gain experience at being the best therapist I could be as well as being able to offer the best services available at the time.  About 6 months later I was approached by my old Hairdressing boss offering me an importunity to start my own business and also contract for a Dermal Therapist in Deepdene.  I couldn’t pass up being able to start small as well as follow my passion for skin and learn from a Dermal Therapist who was working with much more advanced machinery than I had ever used before.  This is where Luminescence Beauty Therapies began!

Around a year later I wanted to grow my business further, and wasn’t able to do this where I was currently working, so I went on the hunt for a space to rent within the area, and that’s when I found Randa at HQ Hair and Body.  It’s now been over 2 years since I moved and threw myself into building my little business and I couldn’t be happier!  I have some amazing clients, amazing products and machines and work alongside the best Hairdressers in the biz!

Now as for the name ‘Luminescence Beauty Therapies’, I wanted to name my business something that represented how I wanted my clients to feel, as well as reflecting an air of luxury and sophistication.  The term ‘luminescence’ means ‘an emission of light that has not been created from heat’.  I took this as an ‘inner glow’, which is exactly how I want my clients to feel when they left my salon, like they were literally glowing!

I have been so fortunate to be able to do what I love every single day, and I’d like to thank my loyal clients for allowing me to do that.  If you are still yet to visit Luminescence, don’t wait any longer!  Contact our salon today to book yourself in for a pamper, so that you too can feel that inner glow!