One of our more popular treatments during Winter is the Hot Stone Massage. Never had one before?  Not sure what to expect? In this post you will find out what to expect when having a hot stone massage, where the techniques come from and how exactly the stones work to provide the deepest level of relaxation as well as reducing muscle tension.

The use of hot or cold stones to heal and relax has been around for thousands and thousands of years, however the technique was ‘re-discovered’ in 1993 by a therapist named Mary Nelson, who was having issues with her wrists.  After having a sauna and picking up some of the hot stones to massage herself with, she created the ‘LaStone Therapy” technique which has widely influenced the way we use hot stones to massage today.

At Luminescence, we use Hahana black basalt rocks, which are well known for their amazing heat retaining properties, as well as being a smooth rock that glides easily across the body.  These are heated and used along with your therapist’s hands to glide and massage the body.  The heat penetrates into the deeper layers of your muscle and tissue, allowing them to relax and give a deeper massage without the extra pressure.  The rocks are also placed in certain areas of the body to allow the heat to penetrate into specific muscles or target areas, as well as relax the mind and align the chakras. The hot stone massage is not only a physically relaxing massage, but a mentally relaxing treatment as well.

Black basalt rocks used for hot stone massage

Hahuna Basalt black hot rocks

Similar to other forms of massage therapy, there are some contraindications; Pregnancy, any inflamed skin conditions, suppressed immune system and loss of sensation from certain diseases such as diabetes.  Your therapist will run through any other concerns or areas of the body that may need to be avoided during your consultation.

After discussing your treatment with your therapist, you will be lead into the treatment room and given instructions on how to prepare yourself for the massage.  At Luminescence, we have a beautiful large room, dimly lit with candles to encourage your mind and body to enter relaxation mode.  Once in the bed, we place a heat pack on the lower back and ask you to inhale an essential oil blend designed specifically to relax you.  Warmed up coconut oil is spread over the area being worked on first, and the hands are used top massage before introducing the hot stones into the massage.  This is repeated on each area of the body being worked on during the session.  Towards the end, we use placement stones to slow the treatment down and bring it to a close, before using an uplifting essential oil blend to bring you back to reality and end the treatment.

I guarantee you that once you have a hot stone massage, you will be hanging for more!  This treatment provides a deeper level of body and mind relaxation than your standard Swedish Massage treatments.  Luminescence offers two Hot Stone Massage treatments.  A 30 minute option and a 60 minute option.  To find out more or book an appointment, use this link and contact Claire at Balwyn’s Luminescence Beauty Therapies today!