Luminescence Beauty Therapies has recently re-done their treatment menu and brought in a NEW skincare line!  IMAGE Skincare Facial Treatments are now available at the Balwyn Beauty Salon, so to give you an insight into exactly what these treatments entail, Claire will be posting a series of posts detailing each of the new facial treatments now on offer. This post will be discussing the O2 Lift and O2 Micro Lift Treatments.

This particular facial is nicknamed the “Red Carpet Facial” as it’s perfect to receive prior to big events.  This treatment will leave your skin hydrated, firm, smooth and radiant!  The O2 Lift is appropriate for ALL skin types, and the added Microdermabrasion is great for those with uneven texture, coarse and thick skins as well as sun-damaged and ageing skins.

This facial begins just like every other treatment, with a thorough consultation.  Once your skin health has been discussed with your therapist, you will be taken into the treatment room and talked through how to prepare for the treatment.  Once in the treatment bed (which is heated and super cosy, by the way!) your therapist will have a closer look at your skin to make sure there are no contraindications before commencing the treatment.

The O2 Lift and O2 Micro Lift both begin with a gel to milk cleanser.  Steam may also be used at this point to further open the pores and allow for a deeper clean.  Next the O2 Enzymatic Facial Peel is applied to the entire face and neck area, which contains Papaya and Pineapple enzymes.  This initially feels like quite a thick, sticky solution, but as it is massaged into the skin it liquefies and exfoliates the skin, meaning you may feel tiny lumps and granules of dead skin during the massage movements.  The peel is massaged in for around 10 minutes and removed with a hot towel.

If you are having the added microdermabrasion, the skin will now be degreased using a small piece of gauze saturated with a special solution to remove any excess oils from the surface of the skin.  1-2 passes of microdermabrasion will be performed over the entire face and neck area, giving an even deeper exfoliation as well as lymphatic drainage.

Microdermabrasion Machine used in O2 Micro Lift

The Microdermabrasion Machine used during the Image O2 Micro Lift Treatment.

Your Therapist will take the time now to have another look at your skin and perform any necessary extractions.

The next phase of both treatment will be the O2 Oxygenating Masque.  This masque contains Vitamins E, C and B5, as well as a whole range of antioxidants, brightening agents, tyrosinase inhibitors, stem cells and Fiflow Oxygen technology.  The mask is quickly applied to the entire face before it puffs up using ‘foam burst technology’.  This is left on the skin for around 15 minutes before being removed with hot towels and sponges.

To finish the treatment, a stem cell enhancer is massaged into the face, along with a selected eye cream, moisturiser and lip treatment.  Your therapist will then go through your home care routine and any aftercare instructions that you may need.

If you have any questions on this or any other facial treatment available do not hesitate to contact Claire at Balwyn’s Luminescence Beauty Therapies.

Stay tuned for the next Image Skincare Facial Treatment post!