In this post, beauty therapist Claire discusses the ‘Wrinkle Lift‘, which is the third treatment in the set of new facial treatments (IMAGE Skincare Facial Treatments) now on offer at Balwyn’s Luminescence Beauty Therapies

The Wrinkle Lift is an intensive treatment designed to target fine lines, wrinkles and aging skins.  It can only be performed on clients who have been prepping their skin at home with the appropriate prescribed skincare for a minimum of 2 weeks as well as at least 3 of any of the IMAGE ‘prep’ facials (Signature Facelifts, or O2 Lifts) fortnightly prior to commencing a course of Wrinkle Lifts.

Like every other treatment, the Wrinkle Lift begins with a thorough consultation. Once your skin health has been discussed with your therapist, you will be taken into the treatment room and talked through how to prepare for the treatment.  Once in the heated and super cosy treatment bed a heat pack will be placed across your lower stomach and any adjustments made to the bed to ensure that you stay comfortable throughout the treatment.

A thorough cleanse will be performed using the Ageless Total Facial Cleanser, a universal cleanser containing glycolic acid and a blend of citric acids to provide a deeper clean and mild exfoliation.  Your therapist will also have a closer look at your skin during this time to ensure that there are no contraindications that will affect the continuation of your treatment.  They will also discuss the condition of your skin and run through the next stages of the facial.

The skin is then prepped with a degreasing solution that is wiped across the skin with a small piece of gauze to remove any excess oils and prepare the skin for the peel solution.

Next, the Wrinkle Lift solution which contains a blend of Glycolic Acid and Retinol to give a deep exfoliation as well as a range of brightening agents, skin protectants and stem cells, will be applied to the skin.  It is massaged in for a few minutes, then left on the skin for a further 1 – 7 minutes depending on your skin and how far into your course of treatments you are.  It is removed with tepid water and sponges until there is no longer any activity felt on the skin.

Next the MAX Stem Cell Masque is applied.  This helps to calm and soothe the skin after the peel as well as reducing visible exfoliation post peel.  Extra enhancements may also be added to the masque if needed.  After 5-10 minutes the masque will be removed with warm water and sponges.

To finish the treatment, a hyaluronic acid facial enhancer is mixed with the Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging serum and massaged into the face and décolletage, along with a selected eye cream, moisturiser and lip treatment.  Your therapist will then go through your home care routine and any aftercare instructions that you may need.  It is also important to note that you may experience visible peeling and flaking of the skin after this treatment.  THIS IS NORMAL, so don’t freak out!  It just means your peel is doing its job and increasing your cell turnover to reveal fresh, renewed skin!  The two images below show an example of the results that can be achieved when undergoing a course of our new Image Skincare Wrinkle Lift facial treatment.

Before and After Wrinkle Lift

Before and After a course of Wrinkle Lift Treatments

If you have any questions on this or any other facial treatments available, please contact Claire, beauty therapist at Balwyn’s Luminescence Beauty Therapies.

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