How often do YOU clean your makeup brushes and tools?  Have you EVER cleaned them?  After reading this blog post you’ll be rushing off to the bathroom with your new found knowledge and cleaning those brushes ASAP!

When you think about it, your makeup brushes are in contact with your skin and products every single day.  Just like your toothbrush, makeup brushes have a life span and need to be cleaned and eventually thrown out and replaced.

How often should you clean your brushes?

Your makeup brushes should be cleaned at least once per week, which may seem like a lot, but when you are constantly exposing them to bacteria in the air, on your skin and from your makeup products, it really is essential to prevent bacteria from spreading, especially on to your skin!  Brushes that come into contact with wet products, such as liquid foundations and gel liners, really need to be sprayed with a disinfectant solution after each use however, some brushes, such as those used for setting powders or blush, may be okay to wash once every few weeks.  It really depends on how often you are using them!  Cleaning them regularly will also prolong the life of your brushes.

How do you clean your brushes?

If you need to give your brushes a mini clean after each use, or just want to prevent harbouring any bacteria, you can spray them with an isopropyl alcohol solution and rub gently on a tissue.  This spray dries super fast (so if you are time poor between applications this is a great solution) and will kill off any nasties.  However, it doesn’t get out all the pigment and product that nestles deep in the bristles of the brush.

Brush Cleaning Spray

Brush Cleaning Spray

To give your brushes a proper clean, there are a few different options.  You can use a gentle shampoo (organic ones from the supermarket are fine), baby shampoo or a special brush cleaner.  Using lukewarm water, wet the brushes with the brush end facing downwards.  It is important not to get the metal area or area where the bristles attach to the handle too wet as this can cause the glue to dissolve and separate, making the hairs fall out.  Add a small amount of brush cleaner/shampoo to the palm of your hand and gently swirl the brush around on your hand and over your fingers.  Rinse under water and keep repeating until the water runs clear.  Gently squeeze the excess water out and manipulate the brush into its natural shape.

To dry your brushes, you can either hang them upside down or lay them flat on a towel to dry overnight.  I don’t recommend drying with a hairdryer as this can damage the glue and the bristles, but sometimes you just don’t have time to wait over night for them to dry, so if you MUST use a dryer, pop it on a cool, low setting and don’t hold it too close to your brushes.

How long should you keep your brushes before you replace them?

As soon as your brushes start to lose hair, break off and become deformed, it is definitely time to replace them!  As a general rule you should replace all brushes every 24 months.  Sponges that come in bulk packages should be SINGLE USE ONLY, while beauty blenders and sponges that are designed to be anti-microbial will last 6-12 months, depending on usage.  Your makeup application and technique can only be as good as the tools you use, so in order to continue achieving a flawless look it is important to have a perfect brush!

If you’re still not sure about how to use or clean your brushes, or if you would like some help or advice on anything to do with makeup and makeup application, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at Balwyn’s Luminescence Beauty Therapies..