In our last blog post we discussed how to care for and clean your makeup brushes, but do you know how to actually use them!?  In this blog post we will go through each of the Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Brushes that we have at Balwyn’s Luminescence Beauty Therapies, and discuss how each brush is used, where they are used and with what products.



These are both very dense brushes, with lots of bristles and flat top.  They can be used for all foundations, but work best with the pressed and loose powder mineral foundations.  Tap out a small amount of loose foundation into the lid and swirl the brush around to pick up the powder, or pick up some of the pressed powder straight from the pan and use the brush to swirl around the pigment onto the skin.  You are able to build in whatever areas you need more coverage with these brushes very easily.

Ultimate Flat Top Foundation Brush

Youngblood’s Ultimate Flat Top Foundation Brush


The Round Kabuki Brush comes in two forms; a short handle and a long handle. It just comes down to personal preference as to which one you use.  Both can be used to buff in mineral Powder and pressed foundations similar to the flat top kabuki’s.  I usually find that the rounder tops are easier to work into the skin and create a slightly softer finish.

Rounded Short Kabuki

Youngblood’s Rounded Short Kabuki


As the name suggests, the Liquid Foundation Brush is used to apply the Mineral Liquid Foundations and Tints.  It can also be used to apply your Mineral Face Primer and CC Creams, as well as Mineral Powder Foundation mixed with water for a heavier coverage.  Top build the foundation and add more coverage, use the brush to dap the foundation onto the skin, rather than painting it on as you would for a thinner more ‘everyday’ look.

Liquid Foundation Brush

Youngblood’s Liquid Foundation Brush


The Flocked Spong brush can be used to apply liquid foundation, blend in concealers or with mineral powder and water to achieve a base with heavier coverage.  When applying liquid foundation, apply some to the back of your hand, dab the sponge into the foundation and wipe over the face.  For areas needing more coverage use a ‘dabbing’ action.  This can also be done for your concealer, using the sponge to really work and melt the product into the skin. It is also often used for the ‘baking’ technique, where rice or setting powders are patted onto the skin under the eyes, along the jawline and forehead and left to melt into the skin before removing any excess and blending with a brush.


The Contour Brush really is a multi-tasker! It can be used for contour, bronzer, blush and highlighter.  The angle of the brush is ideal for contouring the sides of the nose and the cheek bones. T o apply blush use the middle of the blush on the apples of the cheeks, and for highlighter use the tip to gently apply any of the Lunar Dusts (powdered highlighter) to the top of the cheek bones and tip of the nose.

Contour Brush

Youngblood’s Contour Blush Brush


The Blush Brush is can be used to apply pressed or loose powdered blush in a sweeping motion over the cheeks as well as gently pressing the cream blush into the skin.  Sometimes I also use this brush for highlighter or bronzer, as well as to remove any excess setting powder under the eyes.

Youngblood's Blush Brush

Youngblood’s Blush Brush


The smooth bristled Concealer Brush is ideal for working and dabbing concealer under the eyes and onto the areas needing more coverage.  The slippery design of the synthetic bristled means the product is more easily applied to the face and doesn’t grab and stay on the brush.

Youngblood's Concealer Brush

Youngblood’s Concealer Brush


The Lip Brush can be used to apply lip gloss or lipsticks and makes it easier to create a strong line around the lips.  It can also we used to blend lip liner into the centre of the lips for a softer look.

Youngblood's Lip Brush

Youngblood’s Lip Brush






The Eyeshadow Brush is usually a fairly dense rounded brush. It is used to apply shadows to the eyelid.  Due to its size, we recommend using it for an all over wash or base colour over the entire lid area. It can also be used wet to dab pigment onto the mobile lid area to create a more dramatic look.

Youngblood's Eyeshadow Brush

Youngblood’s Eyeshadow Brush


The Blushing Brush has longer, fluffier bristles than the standard eyeshadow brush.  It is used to move pigment around and blend shadows into the lid. It can also be used to blend in a pressed or loose powders under the eyes as well as dust on highlighter to the nose and cheekbones.  Due to its fluffy nature it doesn’t pick up too much pigment so there is no risk of over adding product with this brush.

Youngblood's Blending Brush

Youngblood’s Blending Brush


The dense Crease Brush is shaped like a small dome and it used to apply eyeshadow or pigment to smaller areas like the crease of the eyelid and the lower lash line.  It can also be used wet like the eyeshadow brush to create a more defined and dramatic look.

Youngblood's Crease Brush

Youngblood’s Crease Brush


The Fine Liner Brush is typically used to apply gel eyeliners or eyeshadows along the lash line. It is a small brush shaped like a triangle, meaning you can create quite a defined line. It is also great for applying a thin line of shadow under the eye along the lash line.

Youngblood's Fine Liner Brush

Youngblood’s Fine Liner Brush


The two-sided Brow/Lash Brush can be used for lashes and brows.  The comb is great for separating clumpy mascara on the lashes, while the brush side helps to move eyebrow hairs into the correct position, or to spread out a brow wax more evenly through the hairs.


The Definer Brush is quite small with fewer bristles and is used to apply small amounts of liner or eyeshadow to the lid or under eye area.  Good for areas where you don’t want too much product or where the surface area is quite small.  It can also be used to apply highlighter to the corners or the eyes and the brow bone under the eyebrows.

Youngblood's Definer Brush

Youngblood’s Definer Brush


Your work can only be as good as the tools you use, so always make sure you have clean, professional makeup brushes that are properly suited to the products you are applying. However, as with anything creative, you can have a play around and break the rules slightly, it just really depends on what you are comfortable with and what you would like to achieve.

If you have any questions, or you’re still confused about what make brush to use where, get in contact with us at our Balwyn Luminescence Beauty Therapies Salon and we will be happy to assist you.

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