I know we’re still in October, but sure enough, Christmas will be here before you know it!  Have you booked all your appointments?  Have you written and started crossing off your gift list?  In this blog post we go into detail on how to be 100% Christmas ready, when it comes to skin, beauty and body!


We all know that great skin takes patience, commitment and time.  So don’t expect to have one facial before Christmas and walk out with photo-shopped skin!  Of course you could have one of a number of facials that are great to have just before a big event that leave you feeling hydrated and glowing, but you can’t fix big skin concerns or issues in a 60 minute treatment.  If you have any major concerns, it is best to get in contact with your Beauty Therapist so they can sit down with you and create a skincare plan that will take you up to Christmas and beyond, to make sure that they can get your skin looking as fabulous as possible.

If you have any big parties or you just want your mum’s second cousin to notice how gorgeous your skin is, there are some pretty amazing treatments that are perfect to have less than a week before the big day.  The O2 Lift is one of our favourites, along with hydro-dermabrasion and LED.  These treatments will gently remove dead skin, smooth out your texture, plump, hydrate and calm the skin.  Of course you Therapist can customize them all to meet your individual needs as well.


Are you a true Christmas lover and like to get Chrissy themes mani’s?  Anyone say red glitter!?  Well book yourself in for a Manicure and Pedicure (or Shellac if you want it to last right through the Christmas period).  This is one of those treatments where it can just be a one off in the week before Santa comes, but be sure to PLAN and make sure you’re not stuffing the turkey right after you get a french tip!

Red Sparkly Christmas Shellac Nails


By now you should be starting to get into the routine of regular waxing services with the arrival of the warmer weather.  It’s a good idea to work BACKWARDS from Christmas day when booking your appointments for things you would have every 4-6 weeks, so that you can make sure it all times up well.  If you’re booking in for any services that can leave tint on the skin, or red bumps and open pores on the legs, we suggest having them done a few days prior to Christmas, rather than Xmas Eve.  Also, make sure you leave at LEAST 48 hours between waxing and any tanning treatments so that the pores are not exposed to bacteria and then tan doesn’t settle in them, leaving dark spots all over your legs!  It’s all in the planning…. Services like a Lash Lift last up to 8 weeks, so you can have these done a week or two before Christmas if it fits in better with your schedule.


Got a big work party in December?  Year 12 Valedictory?  Christmas Eve Drinks?  If you want to be looking your absolute best why not book in to have your makeup done!?  We always suggest opting for a Mineral makeup such as Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, which are super great for sensitive skins, don’t block pores and don’t aggravate the skin, so there is no risk in your skin having a breakout or flare up from a heavy, pore blocking, makeup.

Natural Mineral Makeup

Youngblood Mineral Makeup Application on client, Grace.


Stuck for a KK gift?  Not sure what to get the mother in law?  Has your bestie literally got everything she needs already?  Why not treat your loved ones (and maybe yourself too!) to a Gift Voucher with your favourite Beauty Therapist!?  You can often choose from any of the services or special packages on offer, or just a monetary value so that they can choose their pamper treatment themselves.  Usually in the months leading up to Christmas there are some great limited edition packages, gift packs and specials on offer which have great savings and free items, so these are really good to stock up on.

Need some extra help getting Christmas ready?  Give us a call or contact our Balwyn Beauty Therapist Claire at Luminescence Beauty Therapies and we will help you head into the silly season with ease!  Also keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages to find out about our special Christmas Packages and Gift Packs!

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