We’ve all seen a face with a beautiful foundation line around the jaw… maybe it was you, maybe a friend?  I think it’s safe to say that we’d all like to avoid it ever happening to us again!  One way, and the best way to ensure this is to use the correct shade of foundation. But how do we know which shade is the best for us?

Colour matching is a crucial part of choosing a foundation for our faces.  It’s also important to choose the correct formula – liquid, matte, powder… the list is endless!  If you’re not sure which formula is best for your skin type, have a read of one of our previous articles here.

In order to determine which colour will correctly match our skin, we first need to work out which shade to use.  Usually foundations are put in categories of light, light-medium, medium, medium-dark, dark etc.  If you have very pale skin, you will be choosing from the lighter colours that are available.  In this range, there will be different tones to each of the foundations – usually pink based, yellow based and neutral.

Pink based or cool toned foundations will suit those people who have a pink undertone to their skin, often people who have blue coloured veins on their wrists.  Yellow based or warm toned foundations suit people who have a more olive complexion and tend to have green looking veins on the insides of their wrists.  Some people will find that they don’t quite suit warm or cool tones, so the neutral option would be best, as these colours can go either way.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you are pale you must be cool, and if you are more tanned you must be warm, all different skin shades have different undertones, so it’s important to check which category you fall in to.

If you’re not sure which undertone your skin has, I recommend getting one cool, one warm and one neutral foundation and testing them against your skin to see which one blends the best.

Colour matching on back of hand

Testing Foundations on the back of your hand is a NO GO!

When it comes to actually testing the foundations on your skin, a lot of people will try the backs of their hands, or the apples of their cheeks.  THIS IS A NO GO!  The skin on the back of your hands is a very different colour to the skin on your face, and can often be darker – we don’t want to end up with an oompa loompa face, do we!?  The skin on our cheeks can also be a lot more pigmented or rosy than the rest of our face, so this is also not a good area to test on.  The best part of the face to test foundations is down the jaw, starting around an inch above the jaw line and extending down onto the neck.  If you can see where you have applied the foundation, then it usually means it’s the wrong colour or tone for you.  When the foundation seamlessly blends into your skin, then you know you have a winner!

Colour matching foundation

Bring the foundation down the jawline and onto the neck when colour matching.

If you are still a little unsure about the depth of the colour, I’d recommend going slightly lighter, as you can always add contour, blush, concealer, bronzer etc to enhance your look.  It’s much easier to apply more colour than to start off too dark – then there is no going back!

Still having trouble trying to decide which Foundation is best for your skin?  Contact us here at Luminescence Beauty Therapies in Balwyn to come in for a complimentary colour match.

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